A meme coin with a  platform that combines the excitement of online gambling with the power of memes and psyops, offers a fair and decentralized environment for users to engage in various games, starting with a coin flip game



Introducing! ✨ Where the magic of memes collides with mind-bending psyops! Brace yourself for an electrifying journey that combines online gambling with enigmatic twists. Our fair and decentralized platform provides the ultimate playground for users to dive into various games, starting with the mind-blowing coin flip extravaganza.


Token Name Token ($PSY)

Token Type


Total Token Supply

6,900,000,000 $PSY

Token Distribution

Fair Launch 40%

LP Pool: 19.38%

Team: 12% – 1 month cliff and linear unlock for 3 months

Ecosystem Development & Rewards 10% : 0.5% every week for 20 weeks

Marketing and Partnerships 10% : 0.5% every week for 20 weeks

Market Making: 0.62 % unlocked immediately
Reserve Fund & CEX listings : 5% (Locked for 2 Weeks)

Airdrop – 3% (Locked for 3 Weeks)

Platform Overview is a fully decentralized, blockchain-based platform where users can participate in various games of chance. We are leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology and the captivating nature of psychological operations to provide a unique, fair, and transparent gambling experience.


The coin flip game serves as the flagship game on the platform. Players can choose their bet amount and select either heads or tails. The smart contract executes the flip, and the winner is rewarded with BNB.


Conclusion aims to revolutionize the online gambling industry by combining blockchain technology, transparency, and fairness. By introducing a decentralized platform and a provably fair coin flip game, provides an innovative solution that promotes trust and user engagement. The $PSY token serves as the foundation of the ecosystem, enabling seamless and secure transactions. Join us on this exciting journey as we reshape the future of online gambling.

Revenue Model

1. User Bets:

Users place bets using BNB on the platform.

2. House Edge:

The house edge is set at 3%, representing the profit margin for the platform.

3.Real Yield:

Everytime a bet is set 3% is earned by the platform.

Revenue Distribution

1% Staking rewards for Holders (Real Yield)

1% of the house edge revenue is distributed to holders of $PSY tokens. This distribution rewards token holders and incentivizes participation and holding of $PSY tokens.

1% to Bankroll

1% of the house edge revenue is allocated to the bankroll. The bankroll serves as the platform’s reserve fund, ensuring liquidity and providing a secure foundation for operations.

1% for Operations and Marketing

1% of the house edge revenue is allocated to cover operational expenses and marketing efforts. This portion is crucial for maintaining and growing the platform, improving user experience, and expanding the user base.









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